Newsletter Feb. 2010

OrganicAg Newsletter

Well it has been a while!!!

Much has happened in the past few months with considerable growth in various Organic Promotions actitives.

Firstly what is coming up:

Northland Field Days: 4,5,6 March. we are on site 11.

Central District Fieldays: 18,19,20 March. we will be there.

23/24 March the annual OrganicAg Pastoral Extension Group 2 day event.

24th March, Organic sector BBQ, New Plymouth.

25th March, Biological Farming Expo, Stratford, Taranaki.

13th April, Biological Farming Expo, Matamata, Waikato.

The OrganicAg PEG now operates a sixth monthly extension group day for the drystock sector. This is centred on a 2 hour drive from PioPio. Considerable interest is now coming forward from sheep and beef producers and the level of production is considerable. I believe we are now ready to see some exciting growth and coming of age in this sector.

The general pastoral extension groups have continued to grow. A good number of new to biological farming units have joined up. Discussions on the day have always been interesting and challengeing with good take home messages.

The Biological Farming Expos':

Bill Quinn of BioSoils is pleased to announce the venues and dates of this autumns Biological Farming Expo's.

The first will be in Taranaki, still the nations' strongest dairy region (South Taranaki District Council) in terms of number of farms and production as well as a vast drystock sector. This will be on the 25th March 2010(10am till 4pm) at the Stratford War Memorial Centre.

The second will be at the Matamata Memorial Centre on the 13th April (10am till 4pm)giving those in the greater Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions the opportunity to up skill on what is available and what the benefits of biological farming are.

For producer's not using biological methods or inputs this is the ideal opportunity to explore the possibilities. Most farmers who have adopted the biological systems have maintained or increased production while reducing the cost of production. The other key outcome is superior product. This coming in the form of food value, taste, storability and so much more.

For those already using aspects of biological farming the opportunity is always there to improve the system. There are many ways this can be done. Whether it is adding another dimension to the biological concept or simply improving the efficiencies you already have.

Bill Quinn of BioSoils will present two 30minute presentations. These are direct to the point and add value to any farming business.

11am-11.30am: Biological Farming, The holistic approach to agriculture.

This leaves the new comer with a clear take home message of achievable direction and action to improve farming outcomes. The existing biological farmer will leave with new depth of understanding and be able to implement 'the next level' to their system.

1pm - 1.30pm: Capitalising on the market opportunity.

The world has always demanded and paid for quality---that is what biological farming delivers! Here we look at the various marketing options and which ones will gain us the returns and market surety.

All this will be at the Biological Farming Expo's with no entry fee.

Bill has over 20 years as a biological producer in hort and pastoral farming. Through BioSoils courses and workshops, biological agriculture was brought to the fore at the turn of this century differing it from conventional or certified organic systems. Many of the companies and organisations now involved in the biological farming sector got their start at events organised by BioSoils.

Quinn says that with the wide cross section of exhibitors covering soil inputs, crop management, animal health, education and advisory services and free entry, farmers will be able to gain a great deal of information to make an informed decision.

What will the consumer and regulatory bodies expect in 5 years and will my farm meet these expectations? This is the question every farmer needs to seek answers to. Do the tools exist and do they work?

Anyway check out our events page to keep up with Organic Promotions events and events of interest to involved in biological and organic agriculture.


Bill Quinn

Organic Promotions