Input / Service Providers

Input / Service ProvidersFor years, and still, many see organic agriculture as those that do away with fertiliser, do not use antibiotics or drenches, and allow weed to run uncontrolled.

This is far from the case.

With many companies manufacturing/marketing a wide range of products  from phosphate fertilisers, trace elements, various soil conditioners, animal health products, weed management tools including herbicides you may be surprised and find you are already using a product that is certified for use in organic production or it’s uncertified version.

The issues that arise are the criteria for use and the terms to look at are;

Permitted; this is stated on an Organic input product certification and means you have the ability to use subject to the certification you hold. The item may be AsureQuality certified and so the permitted status applies to AsureQuality farmers/growers not necessarily those certified by other organisations/agencies.

Organic input product certificationRestricted; this is stated on the Organic input product certification and means you will have preconditions of use. These may range from proof of need, (soil test, animal blood test, etc), limited use (herbicide release of planting—not general spray out), an insecticide (natural board spectrum products—Neen, lime-sulphur, etc)  use to bring an infestation back to manageable level .

The important thing is that you need to have the permission in writing from you certifier.

Valid certification; you need to ensure that the certification is valid for the intended purpose and is current at time of purchase and at time of application. If in doubt –ask!

To view the products / services currently certified click on the links below to the appropriate certifiers.

Products/ Services currently certifiedAll other certifiers use these certified inputs as per their individual rules. A product imported that has a certification from another country will require re certification/approval in NZ by your certifier.

Have a search in the OrganicAg Trade Directory.

Check with suppliers re use in cerified organic systems and always have written permission via your OMP or input approval form from YOUR certifier.