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ORGANICAG is about optimising YOUR business returns.

Whether your AgriBusiness is DAIRY FARMING, SHEEP FARMING, BEEF FARMING OR HORTICULTURE---OrganicAg can and will help!

photoThis is achieved through information delivery and mentoring. The result is effective knowledge and an understanding that can translate into lower cost of production while achieving access to more secure and higher value markets.

Organic agriculture belongs to farmers, producers of food and fibre. The farming systems are monitored against production requirements(as with Kosher, Halal,etc) and the result is the opportunity to market your production as certified organic---of course in most cases for a healthy premium from a discerning market place.

The demand for certified organic product has not slowed in growth for over 20 years, from a small beginning admittedly, but New Zealand is losing markets to a range of countries that can supply.

In the dairy sector alone there are at least 5 processors in NZ all of whom require more supply-how much more? An estimated 600 farms (about 200,000 cows) now.
The question to ask yourself is...

  • can I afford not to evaluate this business opportunity? It could add over a dollar a kilo milksolids to your operation.
  • Why are certiifed organic lamb returns consistantly higher? 2010 'GLAMIES' was won by organic lamb!!
  • What would I need to change (on farm) to meet these requirements?


The support and information you need to access how close you are farming to the requirements is or will be here.

We put farmer to farmer information at the top of our rankings. Mix with those that are doing it successfully and with those that have helped get them there!

Checkout the ORGANICAG Pastoral Extension Groups in the services section.

Organic Promotions has been a hidden catalyst in agriculture change; we first introduced Dr Eliane Ingham (Soilfood Web) and Dr Arden Andersen to New Zealand agriculture.

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Watch over the coming weeks as we add to this site essential tools for existing and intending progressive farmers.


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