OrganicAg Questions.

Question. Do I have to be certified organic to join the OrganicAg pastoral extension group.
Answer. No. We have a number of members who are not organic and are still using urea and chemical management for stock and plant/crop. These farmers are wishing to explore the options with farmers who are successfully using biological / organic systems for profitable farming.
The OrganicAg PEG are only open to farmers.
Question. What is the cost of OrganicAg and what do I get.
Answer. the membership fee is $1500p.a plus gst per farm.
For this members can attend any or all of the OrganicAg PEG days in any region. The 6 groups meet for 12 days a year, this is monthly with the exception of August. In March of each year all the groups come together for the two day event. This involves a range of visits and social activities.
OrganicAg also operates a library service with over 250 titles and offer general support to members.
Question. Where is my nearest OrganicAg extension group?
Answer. We facilitate pastoral (dairy and drystock)groups in Manawatu / Tararua , Taranaki, Waikato, Northland, Bay of Plenty .
Question. Is this just another way of selling me something that you get a backhander on?
Answer. No! Organic Promotions works with everybody in the biological / organic sector and provides information from any legitimate source. OrganicAg or any of the Organic Promotions trading arms receive NO commissions or sales related payments.
We allow advertising on our website and may enter sponsorship arrangements which will be openly promoted.
We trade on the strap-line ' Organics--Integrity through transparency!

General Questions.

Question. How much does it cost to be organic?
Answer. this depends on the market you wish to supply. Anywhere from $200 to $2000 per year. Check out more information on the certification page.
Question. How long does it take to be able to sell my product as organic?
Answer. Anywhere from a few days to 3 years. This depends on the market you wish to sell to and also on past farm management. 3 years (from urea, roundup, etc use) gets you into the hardest of the international markets.Check out more information on the certification page.
Question. Can I still drench stock under organic management?
Answer. Yes. Each set of market requirements vary a little and for some markets you can use certain 'standard' drenches or treatments. There are a large range of approved and allowed drenches and treatments you can also use to manage issues that are certified organic. These range from the cider vinegars and tonics to bloat oils. If you have specific issues check with your (intended) certifier.
check on the directory page.