OrganicAg Services

OrganicAg HorticulturalOrganic Promotions has over the years provided a wide range of services to the organic sector, both in horticulture and pastoral.
These services are backed by a wide range of experience-check this out in 'about us'

Extension Groups

We have over the years run a range of horticultural and pastoral extension groups. These are far more than just a farmers discussion group-growers/farmers most common comment is ' we are seeing our farm in a whole new way---and boy it's exciting!'
The key is facilitated groups of farmers building of each other with direction, motivation and quality information supplied by passionate and knowledgeable facilitators. more >>>>

Membership form for the OrganicAg Extension group; click here.

Education Programmes

Organic Promotions believes that time spent off the farm has to be used effectively. In education you need to deliver the information in a way that is understood by the recipient whether this be a farmer/grower, scientist, politician, etc. In this way the 'student' is empowered and owns the learning, it is a base that becomes involved in all relevant aspects of the business.
We have developed and delivered workshops/courses ranging from several hours to over 100 hr of classroom time including some that qualify under the New Zealand Qualifications framework.


OrganicAg Management PlanWith a time spent in the Sharemilkers Subsection of Federated Farmers many years ago I lerant the importance of strong and well presented advocacy.

This has been used through Organic Promotions to represent issues that affect organic farmers to certifiers, NZFSA, politicians and bureaucrats. Both on industry wide issues and individual issues.

Raw Milk direct sales has been and is currently an area Organic Promotions has been active in. See our submission to the MPI discussion doc in 2011. We will be making further submission in July 2014 after exploring the views of member farms in June 2014.

We have become involved in dispute resolution and have in 2008 been able to assist 2 farms get a fast track certification to effect a significant business opportunity.

Management Plan

We can assist with the planning of your transition to a certified organic operation and in the preparation of the required paperwork.


  • Organic Promotions organised organic sector participation at the National Fieldays between 1989 and 2002 when the National Fieldays run the Organic Theme area themselves.
  • Organic Promotions has and will again (March 2009) organise it's own on farm trade show's along with media coverage.
  • Organic Promotions brings in speakers from wherever to meet the need of farmers, Dr Elaine Ingham (SoilFoodWeb) and Dr Arden Andersen were both first brought to NZ by us plus many more.
  • Organised and supervised a number of television articles on organic agriculture.
  • Organised and funded the launch of OANZ (Nov 2005).

We can and do organise or advise on any promotion you may wish to have.