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ORGANICAGThe ORGANICAG website has been on the side burner for some years. We have watched and supported various website developments believing the rhetoric that each one would deliver what was needed.

Bill does not believe the need of the New Zealand primary producer has been met in the search for information relating organic/biological production. We do not intend to have all the information here, but you will be able to link to it. The bits we don’t have that you need ---
just ASK!

Let us know what you need, and we will find it.


Our background

Bill and Karen Quinn are both from farming families and have been operating farming businesses since 1979.

Bill has worked in board acre cropping in Australia, followed by sharemilking, purchasing a drystock property in 1981 and diversifying into horticulture. In conjunction with these farming operations Bill has reached national office in Federated Farmers, operated ‘training schemes’ under contract to  the labour department, did some part time tutoring at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic  and a range of services (education)to the organic sector. Bill and Karen also operate a small tradeshow infrastructure hire business.

Organic Promotions (O/P)It was 1985 that Bill and Karen were paying 28% first mortgage that the decision to go organic was made; this was on the drystock/horticulture unit. Information was hard to get and the support simply was not there.

In ’89 Bill coordinated the organic sector display at the National Fieldays. Due to various issues it was decided to carry the risk of presenting information to the agricultural industry and so Organic Promotions (O/P) was born.

Through the 90’s O/P organised a number of organic sector presentations at Mystery Creek.  In 1999 O/P ran the first of many Organic Expo’s brining the input/service providers to the organic sector together with some great speakers to give farmers/growers access to the tools available to successfully operate profitable businesses under organic management.
In the late 1990’s early 2000s’ Bill developed teaching material and delivered the National Certificate in Organic Horticulture under contract to the BoP Polytechnic and the Horticultural Industry Training Organisation, this was delivered to 120 commercial operators.
In 2001 Bill was keynote speaker at an agricultural symposium in South Africa.

Organic Promotions introduced to New Zealand primary producers Dr Elaine Ingham of the Soil Foodweb and this was followed several years later by Dr Arden Andersen, both have had a significant impact on agricultural practice in New Zealand.
A wide range of other speakers have also come to NZ under O/P and BioSoils (established to remove the organic word for those farmers that were a bit sensitive)

Extension Groups have been operated in both the horticulture and pastoral sector, grower/farmer funded, and a range of other services.
Now under the ORGANICAG initiative we will deliver a range of services that will support primary producers who wish to take advantage of the worldwide marketing opportunities for food and fibre that the consumer is willing to pay to know where and how their food/fibre has come from.