Various Resources SubsectionsIn this section, you will (in time) have a wide range of information and most importantly linkage to the tools of organic production, the information on who is doing what in processing and marketing and links to both NZ and international organic/biological support information. Please, when using the international aspect be sure to amend it for the NZ conditions (June is not in the summer) .

So what will you find in the various  Resources subsections in the future?



Certification is hugely important as this is the market ticket. There is often a perception of rules , rules and bloody rules, and of course some bureaucrats for good measure.

Think about which other $1500 to $2000 investment in your business opens doors worldwide and can return ( on a 300 cow farm)an extra  $100,000 income.

Certification is  simply   a verification of what you have been doing on the farm and that this meets the market requirements of that market. This is similar to Kosher, Halal and any other market access requirement.

In this section we cover the options for both domestic and export. The terms that are important and the potential pitfalls.



Input / Service Providers:

Input / Service Providers

These are the people who have the tools for you to achieve under an organic / biological management system. All to often we find producers saying they did not know this or that existed or where to get help.

In this section we list the providers and product ranges.



Processors/Marketers :

This section will advise of the options re processing and marketing. Who is out there and what they are offering. These are the people that tern good ideas in to money in the bank.



Organic Licensees:

This sections gives information on licensees and what products they produce. This is help in building trading relationships and support networks within your region or discipline.



Here we link to a world of information, we provide some guidance to what the sites offer.