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Well another month passes into history and we move to yet another harvest season to be followed by another restorative period leading to the formation season, and nature has been doing this for how long?

OANZ, Zespri and Fonterra meet with MPI to discuss the regulation of the use of the word 'organic' in NZ. Noting NZ was one of the last countries in the world to provide regulation

Firstly apologies re not getting an issue out last week---one of those weeks and it just did not happen......hope it will not happen to often, anyway here we are.

Autumn is now upon us, the leaves are starting to change in my part of the world.

Fonterra have a round of meetings with their organic suppliers/shareholders and we trust in the information to date that this will in fact be the new spring of the organic dairy sector rather than the 2011 autumn!

Well last week saw the 2nd Biological Farming  Conference in Rotorua and the close of witnesses and evidence in the Steve Marsh  GMO court case in WA.

I see the world organic scene entering a huge growth period—and us in New Zealand dragging our feet trying to find shortcuts to meeting the biological food and fibre markets needs of the world.

GM Vs. Organic or simply 'The Right to Farm'?

For me the argument is not just can a farmer choose GM, it is, can his choice, be it avocados, apples, pigs, dairy, organic,etc, have a lawful negative impact on an adjoining or nearby business or enterprise of another lawful entity?

There is lots happening all over the world with the growth of organic (audited biological) production and marketing.

2014 certainly is shaping up as an interesting year for organic agriculture on the gobal platform. Lets ensure NZ is in a position to realise aspects of the gobal growth, that we do not just think what we have done in the past will carry us into the future.

Great to get feedback, some really simple but hugely encouraging; These are great Bill, keep them coming!!

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Organic Promotions is restarting the newsletters after several years of inactivity on this front.

OrganicAg Newsletter

It been a while since the last newsletter.

Will make them more regular now as we have added some new features to the site.

Firstly what is coming up: .....

OrganicAg Newsletter

Well it has been a while!!!

Much has happened in the past few months with considerable growth in various Organic Promotions actitives.

Firstly what is coming up: .....

Well let's start with an update of the last month!!
Northland Field-days; Dargaville
The Organic Promotions site saw a steady flow of farmers and input/service providers flow through over the first two days. Many a good discussion was had on grose, kaikuyu, whether anyone was picking up organic milk in Northland (which they are) and in general just how close many farmers are to certification.

The 2009 OrganicAg Expo is all on track for the 19th March at Matamata. To be held on Cleavedale Farm(opposite Racecourse), an organic dairy farm supplying Fonterra. The venue is ideal with large trees and only a few hundred metres from the town boundary. Entry is free and gates open at 10am.
With some 50 exhibits the Expo will provide answers to many questions of farmers, both pastoral and horticultural, who are wishing to take their operations to the next level of profitability.


Welcome to the first newsletter from OrganicAg!
Firstly I know some of you have been registered for this service for some time-we have had a few hold ups-but we are now up and running.
This is just a short edition to ensure that the system and Bill are combatable.

You may have noticed the plant on the web site (logo). This is Organic Promotions 'plant of choice' as we believe it holds true to the organic message; it will grow in a wide range of situations, but most importantly it has 'integrity through transparecy', of course it is the ever common 'honesty' plant.

Organic Promotions is more than pleased to advise that the Organic Expo's are back!!! We're excited!!
It is 3 years since the last one at TeAroha and it is well past time.
This is just the advance notice with the basic detail.
To be kept up to date and get the weekly updates from February 10th just request on our Contact Us page.

November 29th saw a great turnout at the Mai Farm naturally century farm festival. The Mai family has owned and farmed this parcel of land north of Ashurst (Manawatu) for 100 years. Reuben Mai who is currently farming the farm is the 5th generation on the dairy farm.
The farm is in its 3rd year of transition to certified organic under the Asure Quality certification supplying Fonterra’s organic dairy programme.

I was approached by a company in early October asking if I was interested in running facilitated discussion groups (again) as they believed the farmers in the organic dairy and pastoral sector desperately required the benefits of this form of networking and support.
Things have progressed...