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There has been a need for ever to improve the trading of hay, silage, stock, stock feed, grazing, etc between organic operations. This area is for farmer to farmer trade; just send to any product/items you wish to sell or that you need to buy or otherwise trade.

Please state /list when the item will be available/needed. Planning well ahead is very helpful and consider listing the organic calves that will be born in the Spring to find buyers and contracts early - the same in reverse - if you need calves - 4 day old , weaner - 120 kilo etc.

We will list these FREE!

  • Always check the certification and have a copy of the current certificate prior to purchase.
  • Check with your certifier that the sellers certification matchs your requirments (cert., OMP,etc).
  • Organic Promotions take no responsiblity for information listed here.

Stock Feed


May 4th 2019

NOP silage


CERTIFIED ORGANIC SILAGE :-  NOP certified     $115  negotiable

Good quality dairy pasture.  Dairy farm till Feb 2018.

High org matter(25%) on Hills Lab test


Harvesting week of May 9th 2019.

.Round and/or Square Bales    as prefered

Mini wrapped silage also available

Feel free to get in touch to make enquiries or discuss  options


ph  07-8241 897       or     0274 241 897


March 5th 2019

Hay or Silage

Harvesting this week.

Cutting today
Will make into hay or silage at buyers request.
Round or square -

Currently arranged   HAY  big squares   10 bale equiv

SILAGE   Rounds  12 bale equiv
Good quality dairy pasture
Dairy farm till Feb 2018. Now drystock

ORGANIC GROWN NOP certification pending  Back-dated 
High P (30) K (0.68) on Hills Lab Test
high organic matter on Hills Lab test

Can arrange loading and assist with cost
Can arrange cartage if required.
Do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss

$90    $95  / bale  depending on quantity and whether behind the baler


Ph   027 4241 897

ph  07 8241897

Kind regards





07 8241897

Stock Sale/Buy

Ensure you are checking that the certification has all markets you require prior to commiting and that you TPA has given approval.


Organic Herd for Sale

Febuary 2019

There are several USDA NOP/EU certified herds coming to market.


March 5 2019


22  weaner jersey  heffers for sale  . CRV prodgeny test . average bw 138 pw 162 . Wes 0212639578

calves are NOP/EU & more

Herd is 82% A2A2 but no indivudal tests have been done

Stock are certified to mutliple international market entry.



March 11th 2019

R1 replacement heifers for sale.

NOP certified.

They are Friesian X and unrecorded.

Location - Taranaki

Approx: 80 for sale.

Call Vern

0274 460165

Call Vern

0274 460165

March 13th 2019

Here are some in calf Jersey heifers for sale. All NOP , average BW 140
In calf to AB Lic bulls ( to be confirmed) they are A1A2.
$1200.00 +gst  pH 067524497

pH 067524497
March 20th 2019

Due to a low empty rate on an NOP farm, they now have 11 surplus cows for sale.

Low c/c mostly in calf to AI.

Calving from 12th August.

Owner will send through a profile if anyone is interested.

Our agent thinks they’re worth $1350 + GST but we are negotiable.

Animals are located in the King Country

Contact Nick with any questions at 0275146143

March 28th 2019

Due to a low empty rate on our USDA NOP farms, we have 15 surplus in-calf cows or heifers for sale.

We haven't herd tested for a few years but average bulk cell count for both herds  is 200 and both herds have been milked once a day since calving and are in very good condition.

Most of the cows are in calf to AB, calving from the 1st of August.

Owners will send through a profile to anyone interested - located in South Taranaki.

$1200 + GST

Jordan on 0277175395

March 29th 2019


also April 4th 2019





We  have in calf NOP cows for sale. X bread. Also some R 2 in calf heifers. Spring calving. Some in milk spring calved empty cows still milking well.


We have 13 in-milk MT organic NOP cows. They are still milking well and will respond to better feeding. Have been in a 16-hour milking system.  Would like to move them asap. They are too good to send to works.


Photos were taken Wednesday 3rd April.

Cows (6 of 14).jpg

Cows (5 of 14).jpg

Cows (7 of 14).jpg

Cows (10 of 14).jpg





Fraser Cranston <>





Organic Farms for sale.

OrganicAg has parties interested in equity partnerships on these and other organic farms....interested in investing in an organic farm but not doing the work? Talk to Bill.








120 Ha. 64 paddocks.

Supplying Fonterra.

Farm is certified to a number of international markets including EU and USA.

A2 herd also available.

more detail







detail here

Northland, near Dargaville.

Certified to international market requirments including EU and USA.

Fonterra organic contract.

250 cows currently.




a number of dairy and sheep/beef / dairy support blocks are on the market in Southland.

Dairy; 154ha with 72 ha support block.

Drystock; 3 farms ranging from 30ha to 290.

EU certification and OCD organic milk contracts in place and paying $2kg/ms above std. farm gate price.




Commercial Traders

  • Always check the certification and have a copy of the current certificate prior to purchase.
  • Check with your certifier that the sellers certification matchs your requirments (cert., OMP,etc).
  • Organic Promotions take no responsiblity for information listed here.
Exhibitors at our next event will be listed here in the lead up and post the event.
In the mean time check out those suppling product and support to biological and certified organic agriculture on the Trade Directory page.