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There has been a need for ever to improve the trading of hay, silage, stock, stock feed, grazing, etc between organic operations. This area is for farmer to farmer trade; just send to any product/items you wish to sell or that you need to buy or otherwise trade.

Please state /list when the item will be available/needed. Planning well ahead is very helpful and consider listing the organic calves that will be born in the Spring to find buyers and contracts early - the same in reverse - if you need calves - 4 day old , weaner - 120 kilo etc.

We will list these FREE!

  • Always check the certification and have a copy of the current certificate prior to purchase.
  • Check with your certifier that the sellers certification matchs your requirments (cert., OMP,etc).
  • Organic Promotions take no responsiblity for information listed here.

Stock Feed


Grazing offered

No Certification.

Sept. 2014

We've got land spare to our requirements, and we would like to be able to take in grazing of approx 600s.u.


Suited to dairy grazing, would prefer organic stock

Farm managed organically, and with rotational grazing and Holistic management. Prefer annual contract and incentives towards target weight gains.

Koanga Institute


96 Kotare Road

RD 5

Wairoa 4195

Phone: (06) 8386269

All Full BioGro NOP certified.
Oats and Vetch baleage,
Lucerne baleage
Lucerne hay, med squares,
Peas Triticale baleage,
Oats Peas baleage,
enquire for your speical needs.
Scott Lawson
Lawson's Organic Farms Ltd
302 Ngatarawa Road
RD5 Hastings 4175
New Zealand
P: 0064 6 8799220
F: 0064 6 8799929
M: 0064 274446267




Hawkes Bay

Adrian White, Hawkes Bay

has 4-5 extra unit loads of hay available,rounds or squares.

12 bale equiv  $75 + gst/bale.

ph 068781512.




We are selling 10 bale Equiv
SQ bales, NOP biogro certified.

It is  full of clover and Hawkes Bay sunshine.

We will also be taking some winter grazers....
All the best,

Mike and team have grazing, stored feed and will contract grow a range of crops for you.
With a life time of organic experience you need to give them a ring.

RD Tolaga Bay 4077
East Coast

Phone: +64 6 862
Fax: +64 6 862 6662

Stock Sale/Buy


not certified

Oct 7th

60 lambs Oct

250 from December

was certified until June 2014

more detail click here.

Non Certified

oct. 2nd

2 or 3 organic cows with calves at foot.

sale due to feed pinch--result of flooding.

Great mother-on cows, very quiet--can be handled in paddock.


For Sale


July 2014

Hereford X Fr. Heifiers.

7 rising 1year.
All grades of stock needed!
Organic Promotions has a number of processors looking for commercial lines of sheep and  beef >>>ALL GRADES.
Let Organic Promotions know what you have coming on line in the next 12 months--we will pass the infomation onto processors.

Staff wanted

OrganicAg is aware of a number of organic farm opportunities for the 2014/15 season.
  • farm worker.
  • farm manger.
  • contract milker.
  • and a couple of lease options.
If you wish to be involved in organic / biologicial dairy farming email with your detail.
These farming opportunities are all in various regions of the North Island.




Hardwood posts

Hardwood posts, range of sizes.

click here for more info;



850 Acre drystock with multiple options.

Central Waikato.

good staff and existing owner will consider management supervision for absentee new purchaser.

Click here for farm detail. link to website

or click here for sale documents.

Tender closes 13th Nov 2014.

Want to be part of a equity group to secure this organic grazing business? contact


5th September.


NOP, EU with BioGro

Fenlands is 136 ha certified organic land at Tolaga Bay.

Well farmed organicly since 2000, this farm is now for sale.

click here for full detail

Sold to ORGANIC!

For Sale
Full status, USDA NOP, EU,  Certified  Organic Farm
.Dairy Farm, Bay of Plenty.
300 cows. Has organic supply contract.

sold-to non organic

opportunity to progess in organic dairying.

180 cow farm, full certification and organic supply contract. Needs to explore any management option for the 2014/15 season.

Salary, contract, VOSM, 50/50 or even lease.

position filled.
organic dairy unit manager.
Our clients are looking for an experience Dairy Unit Manager for their 320 hectare certified organic property in Maungaturoto. Milking a split calving herd of 750 cows with 200 autumn calvers, this is a low cost, grass based system, but with this comes the requirement for astute pasture management and top class animal husbandry.
position filled







Wanted to lease.
On the search for lease or 50/50 position - long term preferred
Farming organically since 2006 - BioGro 4902
Leased properties for 15 years. All properties have and will be cared for as if they belong to us.
Hard working, passionate dairy farming family in the central Waikato
Incorporate BD in our farming system
Herd of 180 XBred cows, NOP certified
Proud to supply raw milk market.


Commercial Traders

  • Always check the certification and have a copy of the current certificate prior to purchase.
  • Check with your certifier that the sellers certification matchs your requirments (cert., OMP,etc).
  • Organic Promotions take no responsiblity for information listed here.
Exhibitors at our next event will be listed here in the lead up and post the event.
In the mean time check out those suppling product and support to biological and certified organic agriculture on the Trade Directory page.

BioDays 2015


Business Details

Hampton Downs, Pokeno

26th June 2015--10am till 4pm--free entry

Business Description

P O Box 9025
Phone: (07) 858 4233
Fax: (07) 858 4234
For the past 10 years Homeopathic Farm Support has been helping farmers get established in homeopathic use on their farms. The fact that the original farmers that started with Homeopathic Farm Support 10 years ago are still the clients of Homeopathic Farm Support indicates that they are getting measurable results that work for their farm and animal healthcare needs.
Homeopathic Farm Support is able to help you with the introduction to homeopathy to your farm. Homeopathic Farm Support offers an exceptional telephone service that is operated by qualified homoeopaths who specialise in homeopathy for the farm. This telephone service is favored by our farmers during calving season when things go crazy and they want reassurance of the appropriate homeopathic treatment they should be using, or by farmers who want quick advice on whatever is happening on their farm for the animals or for their own healthcare needs.

BioAg Ltd


Steven Haswell,
021 421 722;

P O Box 4198, Marewa,

Napier 4143

BioAg are leaders in advanced microbial technology and agronomic programmes for agriculture. BioAg focuses on biologically functional soils to enhance animal, crop and pasture production whilst contributing to nutrient efficiency, farm profitability and environmental performance.

We have extensive New Zealand and International experience in biological systems along with 20 years background assisting organic producers.

BioAg manufactures unique biological liquid bio-stimulants which provide high bio-chemical energy to soils and crops.

BioAg also produces Superb BAP a high quality bio activated phosphate based on the world’s best RPR.


We are justly proud of our motto.

Better soils, Better crops, Better stock

AsureQuality Ltd.

T. 0508 00 11 22
F. 09 573 8002
Private Bag 14946, Panmure, Auckland 1741

.Providing audit services to worldwide organic market entry regulation.
Providing the opportunity to improve the returns you get for farm output.

Natural Sugars (New Zealand) Limited

PO Box 5354, Auckland 1141


Cell Ph:    021 868 343

Office:      64 9 377 7009

Fax:          64 9 377 7002

Skype:      stuart.fraser08


Supplying sweet inputs to a wide range of organic producers and processors.

Natural Sugars input NOP molasses and are engaged in suppling other animal feeds from within NZ and off shore.

If you have a need for feed we will solve it for you.

Bill Quinn,
RD 4 Paeroa; 3674
With over 20 years in organic/ biological agriculture and horticulture. We offer facilitated extension groups North Island wide. A range of education packages also available. Currently 5 active groups meet monthly from Manawatu to Northland.

Hugh Jellie

Caring Dairying Ltd


  • dairyconcepts' Hugh Jellie, a veterinary consultant with 25 years experience working with large-herd dairy farms.
  • putting milk into hkgh value markets.
  • creating value both inside the farm gate and in the market return.

Tellus Ltd.

Russell Simmons.

Tellus is a farmer owned buying group, providing wholesale farm inputs along with support for sustainable biological production systems.
Reduce reliance on brought in feed, reduce nitrogen use, increase soil and pasture performance, improve stock performance and health, become dry weather resistant, increase profit sustainably.
Starting with comprehensive farm assessment including soil and herbage testing, we design a plan that will see your farm become more profitable and sustainable.
Providing education and direction to those involved in biological farming for over 20 years.
Taking the biological message beyond just soil management to whole farm management.

Abron Ltd.

P 0800 722 766 |  F 07 888 4869
30 Landsdowne Road, RD1, Waharoa 3474
PO Box 388, Matamata 3440

Abron is a nationwide company who supplies environmentally-enhancing common sense fertiliser advice and products. We take the best of conventional and biological fertiliser inputs to get the most optimal outcomes for the farm. Abrons’ soil nutrition consultants are a team of University qualified, passionate people who really understand the dynamic soil/plant relationship and know how to deliver outstanding customer service.”

Kiwi Fertiliser Ltd.


1558 Pyes Pa Road

R.D. 3


0 800 549 433
We exist because some of the fertiliser companies have failed to deliver real fertility to farmers, who demand and deserve better treatment.
Soil fertility is not about selling products the fertiliser companies produce. It is about meeting the exact requirements tailor made for each property, or parts of properties.

Organic Dairy Hub Co-Operative NZ Ltd.

Operational June 1 2015 this new and eciting co-operatve markets organic milk to large and small processors.

Having no stainless the Hub is a very efficent broker of organic milk passing the returns direct to the farmer.

We are interested in supply of organic milk from farms in the future and also welcome enquiry from processors looking for any volume of milk.

Chaos Springs is New Zealand's leading source for Compost. We make compost we sell compost and composting equipment and consult on composting operations of all sizes. We run classes in composting making and including liquid compost extracts and teas. We manufacture two liquid compost systems; The Event Horizon Compost Tea Brewer and the Singularity Multitask Sprayer. We import Composting Equipment from Sittler of Canada.
In addition we operate a 200 acre mixed cropping farm raising animals, vegetables and fruits. We offer classes on a wide range of farming and gardening topics. See our website for more information
Peter Bacchus
30 Bennett St Paeroa
Ph; 862 7929
Peter Bacchus provides consulting services and education for farmers wishing to take a biological approach. This includes soil testing using Brookside Laboratories, recommendations for balancing soil biology and minerals; troubleshooting, particularly for pest and weed problems; and using biodynamic preparations for optimising plant and animal health and production. The particular issue I wish to address is the hard winter spring [2010]. Winter lacks summer sunlight that brings growth with complex sugars and proteins. Part of this solution is good hay and the other is the use of the Biodynamic preparations including the cow's horn quartz which is made during the summer to capture the effects of the summer's sun to use as needed. Tel. 027 263 2521

Golden Bay Dolomite Ltd

Neal Kinsey, who we work with for our soil sample reports, has more than 30 years of field experience. He has been working with growers in all 50 U.S. States and more than 65 countries around the world, balancing and maintaining the soil to obtain quality crop production.

Pacific Biofert
21 Irish Rd Pokeno
BioGro since 1987!

Biologically manufactured products that make sense for you, your land, your crops your animals and your future.

We have developed an internationally patented process and range of products that utilise natural resources to create highly available and cost-effective soil and plant foods.

  • Fish Nutrients – whole filleted fish, processed and screened.
  • Microbes – naturally occurring NZ microbes.
  • Enzymes – assisting the biological process
  • Natural carbon source – to feed the microbes during the process
  • Phosphate rock, Limestone, Serpentine rock – mined, washed and delivered to our plant.
Environmental Fertilisers Ltd PO Box 204
ph 07 867 6737,
Environmental Fertilisers supplies a range of soil-friendly solid fertilisers for bulk spreading (eg, Soil Force, NanoCal, BioRocket). Our recommendations are based on Reams plant availability and CEC/Base Saturation (nutrient reserves) soil tests as well as foliar analyses. Liquid sprayable products (eg Humus Builder, Vegetative) are supplied to complement solid fertiliser applications. We avoid ingredients harmful to soil biology, soil structure or humus levels. Our programmes are designed to rebuild soil biology and natural N cycling so that your soil works for you, growing humus, structure, water holding capacity and mineral rich foliage. We also supply highly effective stock supplements(eg Stock Primer).

Denver Stock Feeds Ltd
815 Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North 4414
P 06 357 9775 | F 06 357 9778
Freephone 0800 336 837

Suppliers of quality organic stock feeds.

Osflo Fertiliser Ltd.
Anton Naus
0800 467356
Osflo Organic Fertiliser has been a certified organic input since 2006.Osflo is a chicken based fertiliser
that is also Fertmark Registered.
Fertmark is the fertiliser industry independent mark of quality assurance that is your guarantee that the
nutrient ratings are as advertised.
Osflo Organic encourages desirable soil micro-organisms and will supply a rich balanced supply of nutrients that will sustain a healthy soil in the Organic Production System.
We are able to offer a full range of certified product additives to make an organic mix to your individual
For all inquiries please contact the Osflo team on 0800 46 7356
Or visit our website
Fertco Ltd
Mount Maunganui
0800 337 826

Fertco's factory and head office are located in Mount Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty, servicing the greater North Island
Fertco Organic's aim is to try and simplify the buying process of Organic fertilisers by offering
• Sound independent product advice
• Sourcing and blending products that match your soils specific requirements,
• Product available in bulk, 25kg, 40kg 500kg & 1000kg bags
• All from one location, thereby easing the buying process and saving you time and money
Organic Manager Rob Williams 029 860 8000

The Healthy Salt Company

contact details:

Romi 021939529 /

The Healthy Salt Company is a leading purveyor of excellent quality salts is proudly New Zealand owned.
The right salt taken in the correct quantities supports our optimal health.
The same is true for animals. Farmers know that supplementary salt must be provided to their cattle, horses, sheep, goats and alpacas to keep them in top condition.
Himalayan Harvest salt is rock salt that was a pristine ocean 250 million years ago. We believe that it is the cleanest and most nutritious salt available today.

Himalayan Salt Licks For Animals

Himalayan Animal Salt Licks are 100% natural and provide over 84 essential minerals and trace elements. They are rock hard so they can't be bitten and they weather a lot better than processed salt licks. BioGro certified INPUT for ORGANICS.

AgriSea New Zealand Ltd (Head Office)

3-7 Fraser St, Paeroa, New Zealand
Toll Free 0800 SEAWEED (7329333)
Phone: +64 7 862 8424
Fax: +64 7 862 8404

A range of soil and foliar liquid products made from the finest NZ seaweeds.

Animal health tonic and seaweed pellets, seaweed and salt lick blocks.

Years of satisfied farmers.


Weedo Device
a hand held drill attachment for weeding at speed.


Phone;  0800 mynoke  (o8oo 837 642)

Mynoke vermicast is manufactured at Kinleith.  It is the largest worm farm in the world.

Vermicast is pure earthworm castings.  The soil humus granules make excellent fertilizer and soil conditioner.

Used extensively around the central North Island on Maize, pasture, market gardens, kiwifruit, and avocados with the benefit of all organic matter being 100% humus.  No additional nitrogen is required to assist in the decomposing process.

Vermicast contains growth promoter such as gibberelic acid and auxin hormones that trigger root growth.

Certified organic by Asure Quality.

Harmony Meats Ltd.

126 Normanby Road,
Paeroa New Zealand

Ph 07 862 9263
Fax 07 862 9264

Marketers of organic meat to top retail and resturants around NZ.

Looking for more supply to meet demand---talk to Dave about our beef and lamb pricing options.

WoodShield Ltd
A Lot12, 1 Quarry Road, Tottenham VIC 3012  | PO Box 256 Carole Park Qld 4300 Australia
T 1300 622 906/+61 7 3271 5575  |   F +61 7 3271 3008  |   W
WoodShield timber posts have been specifically created for use in the Viticulture, Aquaculture, Equine and general Agricultural industries. Our timber fencing posts and rails have equivalent strength and rigidity combined with the protective properties, toughness and lifespan of polyethylene. WoodShield posts are a cost effective non-chemical option and many property owners have had WoodShield posts in the ground for up to five years. They are also ideal for organic growers and eco applications.
Bennett Fertilisers Ltd.

Phone: (09) 299 6486

Fax: (09) 299 6483


237 Airfield Road

PO Box 272 1075, Papakura

Auckland 2244

Bennett Fertilisers offer a range of natural and certified organic input fertilisers for pasture, maize crops, market gardens and small blocks. Our products are not only convenient but are cost effective and free of harmful chemicals.
PO Box 40
Roxburgh 9441
New Zealand
Ph +64 3 4468978
Mb +64 27 2907566


Soil Foodweb Institute New Zealand are soil rehabilitation specialists working with the New Zealand biological farming industry since 2003.

New Zealand’s foremost soil testing lab for microbial activity

Our team is fully committed to assisting farmers and growers achieve true sustainable soil fertility by measuring the microbes in soils and composts. By utilizing their services you will achieve and maintain a balanced and healthy soil.