OrganicAg Expo 09 is on track

The growth in biological farming practise has been truly amazing over the last decade---think back to 99 and the idea of bio farming was hardly mentioned in the rural press; today it is amazing just how many products claim bio benefits. The number of farming operations that now use certified organic inputs while not gaining the worldwide market true values for the products produced is alarming in a time of economic uncertainty.
With the dairy sector paying 45 cents a kg m/s from the day a farm starts conversion and $1.05kg m/s for international grade organic milk it has to be worth a look! The lamb market paying over $6kg for organic lamb-- it has to be worth a look.

Many farmers could add $100,000 to their turnover with very minimal change in on farm parctise--because they are already doing it!
At the Expo everything from soil amendments, animal health, weed management, cultivation and processing to marketing will be covered by those doing it. Most of these people and companies have built this sector and lead the change to bio farming in NZ---come and share their knowledge and enthusiasm for producing top quality, high value food and fibre.
There will be a food court and bar on site, sit and think of the hard questions to go back to a salemen and get your farming operation in the pay dirt!