OrganicAgNews issue # 20 4th November 2014


Just a short one this issue.

Animal health: Discover potential health benefits of using homeopathy

The homeopathic treatment of livestock diseases is relatively uncommon, but the practice has been around for 200 years and devotees are convinced it works.

Vet Chris Day explores homeopathic treatment as a potential alternative to conventional medicine, while dairy farmer Tim Downes explains how he uses a simple treatment to replace conventional dry cow therapy

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Organic premium boost likely.

Hopes were high among organic producers the co-op’s three year review of it’s organic milk requirements, which a Fonterra spokesman confirmed was being done shortly, would require more organic milk.

NZ Farmers Weekly, read it here

Organic orchardists shift focus

"We've always been interested in organic production, and Hawke's Bay has a climate where you can produce an organic crop commercially. Also, we saw it as a challenge. Good organic practice starts with really good orchard management," says Clare.

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EU cuts red tape for organic wines.

The European Commission has recognised New Zealand organic wine production methods as equivalent to its own, paving the way for exports.

"The market potential in the EU is growing exponentially," James Millton of Gisborne's Millton Vineyards said. "The younger generation are focused on organic and even beyond into biodynamic, and a lot of conventional producers in Europe are changing to these types of growing systems."

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Organic berry firm snares new market.

OOB, the award-winning organic berry and icecream company from Northland, has just taken another major step in its export strategy.

The first OOB organic frozen blueberries and mixed berries have just gone on sale in 750 Coles supermarkets across Australia

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Free to roam and happy go clucky

And a small Hawke's Bay chicken farm, one of only three certified organic broiler operations in the country, has taken complete control of the whole production cycle to try to ensure the highest ethical and environmental standards.

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Costco eyes Kiwi beef

"We are a growing company and need farmers and suppliers to help us achieve continued growth. Our conventional ground beef business continues to grow but there are greater growth opportunities with organic grinding [manufactured] meats."

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Chocolate milk hits the sweet spot

Made from organic New Zealand milk and Whittakers chocolate, the Lewis Road Creamery product has taken the retail sector by storm.

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