Organic Expo 2009

Organic Expo 2009

March 19th


Advance Notice.

Organic Promotions is more than pleased to advise that the Organic Expo's are back!!! We're excited!!

It is 3 years since the last one at TeAroha and it is well past time.

This is just the advance notice with the basic detail.
To be kept up to date and get the weekly updates from February 10th just request on our Contact Us page.

The 2009 Organic Expo will be held on an organic farm at Matamata. Exhibitors will be from the full cross section of input supply and service/process industries that provide the tools of biological / organic agriculture.

The stage is set this year for many farmers who have been using YOUR products/services to finally capitalize on the fact that they produce food/fibre that the world is willing to pay a premium for(if it were certified organic!)
There are many, many farms that are very very close to complying with the market requirements of the international organic food / fibre markets.

The commodity market is shaky to say the least--yet the organic market keeps growing--as it has done for the last 25 years--even through slow/adverse economic times.

This is your chance to further help your clients maintain profitability---by simply doing what they are doing on farm now with a few adjustments!!

Still the biggest issue for export of high value certified organic product is supply.
Still the biggest issue for export focused primary producers is returns.

It is you, the input/service providers to biological/organic agriculture, that have already reduced the cost of production for your clients---now offer the opportunity and encourage them to optimize their returns!!


This will run from 10am till 4pm (March 19th) on a farm located centrally to Matamata.
Sites will be open grass, erect your marquee, set up an open air display or utilize the covered area (in later updates)
Power and water will be available. (more detail later).
Sites will be charged at $250 (reasonable usage/space) and reduced according to involvement in event advertising (see below)


We have adverting in both national and regional rural papers late February and into March.
Television and radio promotions .
Posters in rural supply stores from the 20th February.
Organic Promotions will be present and promoting at both the Northland and Central Districts Field Days.
An internet presence.
Core flute roadside signage (North Island)
A lift out/ special edition 'Organics' in Focus' feature/newspaper.
All promotion will be aimed at the target audience--the farmer --not the tyre kicker.
And of course you and your link to your clients.


I have spoken to many certified organic and non certified biological farmers and had a great response.

From the farmers who are biological (not cert organic) they are happy with the aspects of their business they have biological and want to move the rest of their operation there as well. Some are using organic products in animal health but not soil and some soil but not animal health, others have used an organic input to reduce conventional inputs and want to see just what else they can build into their operations.
The common statement is 'we don't know what tools are out there' -- we are putting that right!

I have an increasing number of urea/super uses attending the OrganicAg Pastoral Extension Group days, they leave ready to change after seeing the grass and stock health. The time is right!

Entry is free
All receive a free programme; this will have relevant information, exhibitor listings, a page from each exhibitor (if supplied-- detail later).
Gate and spot prizes.

We already have commitment from farmers throughout the North Island.


We are in discussions with a wide cross section of media for on the day and follow-up stories and coverage.
The farming sector is more in need of the information, skills, knowledge of application, products and markets that organics'/biological agriculture offers than ever-----and the media knows this and is keen to provide.


Just press reply and put a yes/no next to the question below;

1. Please put me on the mailing list for information about Organic Expo 09.
2. I am interested in aspects of naming rights (event, gates, laneways, etc)
3. I am interested in providing gate or spot prizes.
4. I am interested in advertising (subject to price etc).
5. I would prefer an inside area.
6. I am interested in pre-arranged media interaction to be used post the Expo.
7. State any other aspect you are interested in.

Organic Promotions will be at all the Field Days this Autumn/Winter, if you are unable to attend these please discuss with us about having your promotional material made available to farmers via us.

"Organics' ---integrity through transparency"

Bill Quinn
Organic Promotions