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Firstly apologies re not getting an issue out last week---one of those weeks and it just did not happen......hope it will not happen to often, anyway here we are.

I attended the Fonterra and Organic Futures round of meeting in the North Island. Fonterra has told the organic dairy farmers that the programme will continue. That world demand is there, that contracts will now be open ended rather than 3 year, this does give some forward cofidence. More on this next issue.

Organic Foods & Beverages Market Analysis And Segment Forecasts To 2020

Published: March 2014

Global market for organic foods & beverages is expected to reach USD 211.44 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 15.7% from 2014 to 2020. Growing consumer awareness regarding the impact of inorganic farming on human health is expected to remain a key market driver for organic foods & beverages over the next six years

Straight Furrow, March 2014.

Straight Furrow has had 2 weeks of organic and biological comment well worth checking out.

The first lot is on March 11 with various reports about the 2nd Biological Farming Conference held in Rotorua;

page 7,

Dr Doug Edmeades has a poke at organics, concluding that humus is not required by plants, he does give a good short version of the base of organic/biological farming. Some in the new biological movement would do well to read some of the referenced works.

Page 7 bottom,

2nd Biological Farming conference report by Nicole Masters, a summary of the conference.

Page 8.

Nicole Masters with an opinion piece based on the 2nd Biological Farming Conference.

In this Nicole raises question such as 'what is biological farming', discusses proactive and reactive management and as the spokes person of the Biological Farmers Assn. (not to be confused with the Biological Producers and Consumers Council est. 1983 and still operating a very strong organisation) questions the very  concept of biological farming!

the 2nd lot is in the March 18th issue.

Organic Futures target North Island red meat.

Engaging with North Island farmers Organic Futures Maurice Haliwell and ANZCO's Alex

These guys were featured in issue 2 of OrganicAg News back in January.

and David Musgrave of Waihi Bush thinks most farmers have forgotten the warmth created by fermentation in cattle over winter............

A number of responses to the Doug Edmeades opinion piece from the 11 March issue.

Serbia: demand for the organic products is greater than the offer in the market Business News Correspondent - 28.02.2014

Serbia's Director of the "Green Network of Vojvodina" Olivera Radovanovic has assessed that currently the demand for the organic products is greater than the offer in the market, even though their prices are 30-50% higher than for the conventional products. The reasons are numerous

Peru: Organic banana exports up 20%

Organic banana exports grew by 20% in the Valley of Chira, province of Sullana, region of Piura, Peru, compared to the first quarter of 2013.

US organic retail sales worth $35bn in 2013, says USDA

By Elaine WATSON, 21-Mar-2014

US retail sales of organic products were worth $35bn in 2013, according to new data from USDA, which says it helped an additional 763 producers become certified organic in 2013, up 4.2% from the previous year.

website of issue;

For those that want the 'Claytons' (for those unsure; version of organic (certified biological production) this website is a must. Promoted as the best of both organic and conventional agricultural practise and encouraging growers / farmers to believe they are 'beyond organic', this with no measurable markers, no clear market, and the promotion of urea and other non-organically allowed practises----it may be better to term it 'not even bro'!

While I fully support the information flow generated, the advancement of knowledge linked directly to on farm practise, and the energy put in by so many, it is time to explore the detail, this is where the devil resides after all. What some farmers see as 'moderate applications of soluble Nitrogen'  other may see as excessive. When asked about the need for credible audit processes and the issues they cause to farmers in extra work etc, and this is coming to all farmers, I think of the greatest con of the last decade, Lance Armstrong, with out good definition and good measurable points it is certainly a 'Claytons'.

For those involved who wish to get a market return, measure how close you are now to the 'market entry regulation for biological food' of the market you wish to sell to---they are all growing exponentially because consumers are demanding to know how the food was grown and they are not asking Lance!

Quote of issue

"I am increasing inclined to think there is no such thing as biological farming."

Nicole Masters

Spokesperson for the Biological Farmers Assn. of NZ.

Quote  from the Straight Furrow issue Vol. 73 #9 March 11 2014.

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