OrganicAgNews issue #8 28 February 2014


Well last week saw the 2nd Biological Farming  Conference in Rotorua and the close of witnesses and evidence in the Steve Marsh  GMO court case in WA. In the later the final arguments/summing up are been put infront of the Court yesterday and today----then the wait. Talking to growers and input/service people in WA it quickly becomes apparent that the debate is as hot between conventional farmers as it is with organic.

The Roturua conference, more to come but a couple of articles here,

I believe it is important to note that a number of groups already receive market based value payments for the incorporation of varing degrees of biological farm/orchard mangegement, where the 'in gate priemuim is achived, and the 'out of gate' priemum comes via certifed organic markets, and programes such as 'Nature and More' or the tatse and storage priemuins farmers/growers can achive.

Anyway to the weeks news;


2nd Biological Farming Conference;

Organics Aotearoa New Zealand chairman Brendan Hoare speaking at the Biological Farming Conference in Rotorua.

...........Organic producers were terrible at telling their story and it was perceived as being a closed, exclusive group.......................

The second national conference on biological farming systems was held in Rotorua, with 150 attendees, and was run by the Te Arawa Federation of Maori Authorities.

Most of those at the conference were researchers or suppliers of advice or products, and they gave 34 different quick-fire presentations.

EU review of organics

A review of organic farming, which is ongoing at an EU level and due for publication next month, is necessary according to Varvara Bektasiadou of the Organic Unit within the Agricultural Section of the European Commission.

Speaking to AgriLand, she explained: "The market is very anxious about the review. Part wants it and part doesn't, believing it is unnecessary. We have analysed all the arguments for and against and have come to the conclusion that it is necessary."

Organic dog food.

Graig Farm Organics, based in Wales, have seen a 45% increase in sales of organic dog food. Jonathan Rees, owner of Graig Farm, said: "We have seen a significant increase in the sales of organic dog food which is unusual. Our organic dog food products are not one of our biggest selling products at Graig Farm, so to have a sudden jump we knew there must have been a change in the market."

note; A NZ company export organic dao food to the USA.

French organic winemaker;

A French organic winemaker could face a prison sentence and a hefty fine after refusing to spray his vines with pesticide.

Celebrating the International Year of the Family Farm.

With more than two decades feeding Nelsonians local and organic foods from the iconic Organic Green Grocer on Grove St, Seager and Sue Mason are ready to sell.

Seager and Sue have had a long and varied involvement in both on farm and organic sector development for decades.


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"Learn to ask the right question or you will get the correct answer not the right answer."

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