OrganicAg News issue #5 February 6th 2014.


Welcome to the second month of the OrganicAg News.

There is lots happening all over the world with the growth of organic (audited biological) production and marketing.

In New Zealand however our biggest agricultural processor and marketer seems unable to make a decission on the future of their organic programe.

Fonterra was obilged, under contract, with about a third of their organic dairy farmers whose contracts end in May 2014, to make an offer of renewal by the 1st February.

The farmers have recieved a letter on the 5th of February stating;

Organic supply contracts - a number of contracts are up for renewal within the Waikato, BOP and lower North Island areas and we will be able to inform you about contract renewals before the end of February.

Andy Goodwin

General Manager, Milk Supply, Technical & Assurance


These farmers are needing to make serious business decissions about their futures, they need confidence in their business partners whether that is auditors, input suppliers or processors and marketers.

The big question, for me, is what would the rest of the world say about our clean green marketing if our biggest exporter did not have a market relevent organic portfilo?

The world certainly seems interested in everthing else that happens no matter how tenuous the connection to Fonterra.

Bill Quinn.


Saudi Arabia organics.

The number of farms producing organic crops in Saudi Arabia has reached 81, while another 26 farms are registered to start organic production, said an official in the Ministry of Agriculture.
Ayman Al-Ghamdi, director general of organic farming at the ministry, said a draft regulation of organic farming in the Kingdom has been completed....................

Organic Stevia.

The Company has successfully produced commercially relevant quantities of USDA and California Certified Organic Farms organic stevia leaf in Northern California as feedstock for its extraction system development. This defines the Company as one of the few, if not the only entity, spearheading the expansion of organic stevia leaf and extract production in the United States.

Biodiversity study results in positives for organics

Our study has shown that organic farming, as an alternative to conventional farming, can yield significant long-term benefits for biodiversity," said Sean Tuck of Oxford University's Department of Plant Sciences, lead author of the study...................

The Tide is Turning.

While GM labelling is slowly gaining ground, the Non-GMO, GM-Free, and Organic labels are taking US health food markets by storm. Dr Mae Wan Ho reports ........

or read about at.........

EU organic regulation up for review.

New draft revision of (EC) 834/2007 due in March After considerable consultation in 2013 the European Commission will publish a draft revision of the current rules on organic agriculture at the end of March 2014

Organic Cotton in India.

Yield and Economic Performance of Organic and Conventional Cotton-Based Farming Systems – Results from a Field Trial in India

The debate on the relative benefits of conventional and organic farming systems has in recent time gained significant interest. So far, global agricultural development has focused on increased productivity rather than on a holistic natural resource management for ..........................

Bali going organic.

The Bali administration is determined to continue transforming the island into an "organic" province, where local farmers embrace healthier and greener organic farming.

On Friday, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika declared his administration would increase the subsidy provided for organic fertilizer to encourage local farmers to make the transition from chemical to organic fertilizer...........

Mexico organic update.

Mexico organic trade requirements change---effective April 2014.

'This new national organic program requires that all organic operations in Mexico become certified to the Mexican standard by a certifying agent approved by the Mexican government. CCOF-certified operations will have until April 29, 2015, to meet this requirement. (The requirements go into effect six months after publication, or April 29, 2014, but –'

See more at:

and for a more detailed evaluation of the change and a general update on Mexican organic agriculture have a look at the report by the Global Agricultural Information Network......................

'On October 29, 2013, the Government of Mexico unveiled a new program of rules and requirements for organic agriculture certification. Published in the Federal Register (Oficial Diario de la Federación), the program attempts to improve efficiency and simplify the procedures for both transition and maintaining yearly organic certification. As the organic industry continues to grow, including a ten-fold increase of producers since 2008, an improved regulatory framework for all segments of the industry was needed...............................'

Celebrating the International Year of the Family Farm.

Polyface Farm.

In 1961, William and Lucille Salatin moved their young family to Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, purchasing the most worn-out, eroded, abused farm in the area near Staunton. Using nature as a pattern, they and their children began the healing and innovation that now supports three generations............

see events below,----Fields of Farmers.

Events - mark your calendar.

Second National Conference on Biological Farming Systems 20 and 21 February 2014

The soil and water resources affect all aspects of New Zealand life. These resources must be protected and nourished so that it will continue to look after us long into the future. Rotorua is an ideal location due to the growing local and national emphasis on water quality.

The theme of the 2nd national conference is "Biological farming under different land uses", reflecting the vital role of biological farming in sustaining our economy, our environment, and our communities.

Programme now available.

Field of Farmers.

February 23rd 2014.

RegenAg are incredibly excited to announce the return of Joel Salatin for a one day workshop titled "Field of Farmers" together with his son Daniel, and daughter-in-law Sheri.

Organic Sector Forum; June 16-18 2014, Taupo.

The target audience is all current and intending organic primary producers and those that support them with inputs or services.

Andre Leu, Chair of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements is confirmed as the keynote speaker.

A range of Forum topics relating to 'outside the gate' organic primary production business will be covered while a range of 'inside the gate' trade displays will be present.

Website of Issue.

The USA is a major influence on the world organic scene.

The American administration does support the organic regulations with strong on-line support.

Explore whether consumer or producer.

Quote of Issue.

"There is something in freshness and quality of foods which is not accounted for by the known chemical ingredients of food:proteins,fats,carbohydrates,minerals and vitamins."

Maj.-Gen. Sir R McCarrison. C.I.E.,M.D., F.R.C.P.

Page 46, The Living Soil. E.B. Balfour.

Untill next time.

Bill Quinn,
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