OrganicAg News issue # 4 31st January 2014

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2014 certainly is shaping up as an interesting year for organic agriculture on the gobal platform. Lets ensure NZ is in a position to realise aspects of the gobal growth, that we do not just think what we have done in the past will carry us into the future.

Anyway to the news and events;


The right to farm----as long as you don't upset the big boys?

STEVE Marsh and Michael Baxter grew up like bush twins in a small southern sheep and wheatbelt rural community near Kojonup, Western Australia.

As small boys they attended tiny Glenorchy rural school; later they went to the same parties and worked in the same shearing sheds.

As adults they farmed next to each other at Changerup, near Boyup Brook; generations of their families since the 1860s had been friends and the two men played for the same tennis club and manned the local fire truck together............................

And it is now count down to trial day on the 10th February 2014------have a look and consider sending support..................this is a watershed case............

This (The Right to Farm) is the lead topic at the Organic Sector Forum 2014 ......


From the UK.

Prince Charles said 'food is a medicine in itself' and called for greater emphasis on good quality hospital meals.

Mr Duckett reopened a number of shutdown hospital kitchens and set them up with an organic chef and links to local farmers in Kent who were able to supply them with fresh seasonal produce.

French organic sector not affected by crisis

The organic sector does not seem to be affected by the crisis according to recent statistics in a communiqué from France's organic produce agency, l'Agence Bio.  A success achieved thanks to the French desire to ''eat better''.

and a family vegetable operation,-but-remains-challenging#SlideFrame_1


From NZ;

No looking back from organics decision.

Thursday, 30 January 2014 15:58 Dairy News

MURRAY MOXHAM is a down-to-earth individual with clear goals and beliefs and he never deviates from them. He bought his first farm at age 28 at nearby Opiki and 40 years on he is as dedicated and enthusiastic about the dairy industry as when he started. The only difference is that he has learned and  changed for the better.


Jersey Milk  hits market.

and stays!

Dairy News October 2013.

DAIRY ENTREPRENEUR Peter Cullinane, principal of Lewis Road Creamery, Mangatawhiri, believes Jersey is to milk what Angus is to beef.

or take at look at the Lewis Road website;


From the America's;

What is in the 2014 Farm Bill For Sustainable Farms and Food Systems?

January 31st, 2014

The final farm bill released earlier this week and currently making its way through Congress and to the President is somewhat of a mixed bag for sustainable food and farming systems.  The bill invests over $1.2 billion over the next five years in the innovative programs for beginning farmers, local food, organic agriculture, rural development..................


Peru provides support to organic sector.

LIMA, Jan. 9, 2014 (IPS/GIN) - A new institution set up in Peru will strengthen small-scale organic farming, providing support to some 43,000 exporters of ecological products and another 350,000 who supply the domestic market with environmentally-friendly products.


Celebrating the International Year of the Family Farm.

The next generation are keen to support the innovation....................................

Cheryl and JD Devos own one of the larger organic dairy farms in Vermont (USA), Kimball Brook Farm, located in North Ferrisburg, which has been organic since 2005.

And the passing of one the USA's defenders of the Family Farm........................

An organic farmer and forester, John helped found Family Farm Defenders (FFD) in 1994 to promote sustainable agriculture, fair trade, workers rights, animal welfare, consumer safety, environmental stewardship and, above all, food sovereignty. Through FFD, John worked to relocalize food/farm economies and forge new economic relationships between consumers and farmers.

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into organic - World's leading Trade Fair for Organic Food

BioFach 2014

February 12-15 Germany.

Organic is more than a label or certification: organic stands for quality and conviction – for the responsible use of nature's resources. BIOFACH 2014 is the place where people share their passionate interest in organic food, get to know each other and.............................

Quote of issue;

"An object seen in isolation from the whole is not the real thing."

Masanobu Fukuoka. 1913—2008.

One Straw Revolution.


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