2014 issue #1 - Jan 2014

2014 issue #1

January 7th 2014.

Organic Promotions is restarting the newsletters after several years of inactivity on this front. The intention is to inform all interested on the many issues affecting certified organic/biological production and marketing of NZ produce to the world.

We will have a few changes in format over the next several issues as we streamline the process.

To be best placed to forward plan growers/farmers and all involved need to be aware of the market environment, issues that affect this and what is happening in the wider organic world. This has the potential to lift confidence or to make an informed decision rather than just having an information source aliened with any given sector, marketer or other entity.

Organic Promotions is, as always, independent and will source articles and information from a wide source.

Should you have something (your own or a link) you wish to communicate to a mixed organic audience just email us.

We would also ask that you forward this newsletter to those you think may be interested.


In the NZ New Year Honours List.

Long time organic dairy farmer and agricultural leader Tom Lambie is now an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

The Lambie farming operation, Meadowvale Limited, is certified with BioGro (#136, late 1980's)to the EU regulations for dairy, beef and woodlot production.

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New sector in New Zealand Organic production.

A strong forward direction for the organic growing of Industrial Hemp has taken place this growing season.

The Hemp Farm NZ Ltd http://hempfarm.co.nz/ has plantings on a number of farms, in total some 50 ha of land in the Waikato, King Country, and lower North Island with a good proportion of this on certified (USDA NOP/ EU) farms. Dave Jordon of HempFarm has emphasised that the international market for Industrial Hemp is expanding and is under supplied-----and it is predominantly demanding certified organic product.

In Taranaki Hemp Technologies NZ Ltd http://www.hemptechnologies.co.nz is establishing a Hemp Industrial Village http://www.hemptechnologies.co.nz/styled-15/ .This venture is lead by Greg Flavall who has international experience in the hemp industry, noticeably in the building areas in the USA.

Dairy Study Tour of USA. 7th to 28th June 2014.

For the past six months the Organic Dairy and Pastoral Group has been collaborating with the Organic Exporters Association of New Zealand, and with five other organic organisations in three countries, to bring to you for the first time, a US organic farm and study tour. This tour is tailored to New Zealand and Australian based organic dairy and beef farmers and others associated with the organic trade. ............

Glenn Mead

Chairman Organic Dairy and Pastoral Group New Zealand Inc.

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Fields of Farmers. 23 Feb. 2014.

RegenAg are incredibly excited to announce the return of Joel Salatin for a one day workshop titled "Field of Farmers" together with his son Daniel, and daughter-in-law Sheri.

Be inspired by one of the world's best farming families. This one day seminar promises to regenerate families, farms, landscapes and futures.

Save the date Sunday 23 February 2014, at Auckland Grammar School, 9am to 5.30pm. Lunch, morning and afternoon teas provided. All full price registrations receive a FREE copy of Joel's latest book "Fields of Farmers".



2nd National Conference on Biological Farming Systems; Rotorua February 20/21 2014.

The soil and water resources affect all aspects of New Zealand life. These resources must be protected and nourished so that it will continue to look after us long into the future. Rotorua is an ideal location due to the growing local and national emphasis on water quality.

The theme of the 2nd national conference is “Biological farming under different land uses”, reflecting the vital role of biological farming in sustaining our economy, our environment, and our communities.


Organic Sector Forum; June 16-18 2014, Taupo.

After the success of the Organic Dairy Forum in 2012 the decision and commitment have been made to widen the scope and include all the organic sector in 2014.

The target audience is all current and intending organic primary producers and those that support them with inputs or services.

Andre Leu, Chair of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements is confirmed as the keynote speaker.

A range of Forum topics relating to 'outside the gate' organic primary production business will be covered while a range of 'inside the gate' trade displays will be present.

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U.S.and Japanese Organic Equivalence agreement takes effect 1 January 2014.

While NZ relies on the Fair Trading Act to protect organic producers and consumers many countries in the world have passed organic protection into law by way of legislative Act of Government supported by regulation. These sovereign nations are now entering bilateral agreements on organic trade. The latest to come into effect is the USA//Japan Organic Equivalence Agreement..............


or for a simple Q&A on the application of this agreement;


Changes in the Korean organic market entry requirements from 1 January 2014.

Important changes in market access for organic products entering the Republic of Korea come into force on the 1st of January 2014.

This has seen NZ processors requiring primary producers to engage with approved Korean audit agencies to ensure continued access to the market.

While another audit may not be what the man (or lady) on the land is looking for, it is essential for continued access to this market.

This is evidenced by the links below to both U.S. and Australian comments in the past several weeks.


A group of senators is urging Republic of Korea officials to reconsider a decision that would close the country to U.S. organic foods as of the New Year.

In a Dec. 10 letter to Ahn Ho-young, the South Korean ambassador to the U.S., 13 lawmakers led by Sen. Diane Feinstein argue that the Korean government must act quickly to allow the continued importation and sale of U.S. organic products as they are sold today.

At issue is a Korean law that went into effect in May that requires organic food products sold in the country to be certified by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture. Exporters have until Dec. 31 to comply. USDA has been working with the Korean government to create an equivalency agreement, but Seoul has said they won't finalize anything until after the law takes effect, and U.S. organic exporters don't have enough time to get certified.

To prevent this unnecessary disruption of trade, we ask that the ROK government allow for current commerce to continue by extending the current grace period until an organic equivalency agreement between our two countries is enacted, the lawmakers write.

Also signed onto the letter are: Sens. Barbara Boxer, Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray, Jon Tester, Max Baucus, Amy Klobuchar, Al Franken, Bob Casey, Tammy Baldwin, Michael Bennet, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley.

and Australia;


So be sure to check your sectors market access before you need it, what happened last season may not be adequate this season.

A sporting dynasty?

Back on the paddock; the title of an article in the Farmlands magazine asks that question of an organic dairy farming family, the Barrett's of coastal Taranaki....................

http://issuu.com/crtcoop/docs/agline_november_2013 Cover photo and Page 12/13.

Rural input retailer promotes Organic and Biological Unit;

Leading rural supply specialists Farmlands Co-operative support growers and farmers wishing to adopt organic,eco-friendly, sustainable and biological production practises................

http://issuu.com/crtcoop/docs/agline_november_2013 page 29.

Organic market growth outpacing other agri-food sectors;

The Canadian organic market grew to $3.5 billion in 2012, with national sales of certified organic food and non-alcoholic beverages reaching $3 billion. The value of the Canadian organic food market has tripled since 2006, far outpacing the growth rate of other agri-food sectors. The sector is being driven by a diverse consumer base, with over half of all Canadians and two-thirds of British Columbians buying organic products every week.............


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Over time base ideas and principles get altered ,adjusted and advanced. I believe it is however important to revisit the foundation documents/text every so often to ensure we are still on the same path, that we have not got off onto the tangled tangents of information that many many turn ago had a connection, but alas the connection is now seen as the main path or the destination. This is particularly important for those joining the journey at the later stage.

Much of the information now available is based from a commercial perspective, by this I mean to serve the interests of the input provider (marketer) without always providing an understanding of the base objective. It is the base objective that allows the primary producer, and for that matter the end consumer, to truly evaluate the product / service against the original motivations of the organic/biological concept.

Many of these documents // texts date back to the early/mid 1900s' and are now hard to find in published works. The writings of Howard, Balfour, King, Fukuoka, Steiner,Waksman etc. This issues website has a range of these out of print or hard to come by publications;


feature quote;

'The soul dares not believe its own marvellous guesses and instincts unless it can fall back on definite dogma for confirmation.'

Coventry Patmore, 1823-1896.


so until the next issue all the best.


Bill Quinn.

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