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Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association

Address: PO Box 39045, Wellington
Phone: 04 589 5366
Fax: 04 589 5365

The Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association 04-589 5366 www.biodynamic.org.nz provides information and assistance to farmers wishing to incorporate biodynamic methods in their system.

These include use of plant, animal and mineral preparations that enhance soil biological activity, assist decomposition of effluent and increase absorption of light by pasture, leading to improved sugars and protein production.

The Biodynamic Consultancy Society, Sec. Marion Koppenol, (06) 874 9064 provides consultations and Jack Wanklyn (06) 868 3014 provides practical assistance with application.

The Bio Dynamic Association is the certifier for DEMETER in New Zealand.

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