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Dow AgroSciences NZ Ltd

Address: 89 Paritutu Rd New Plymouth
Phone: 0800 803 939/ 06 751 2400
Fax: 0800 369353

Dow AgroSciences NZ Ltd

Organic Control of Tough Insects

Entrust® Naturalyte® insect control knocks out tough pests of organic crops without disrupting populations of most beneficial insects.
Always read and follow label directions. OMRI Listed™ is a trademark of the Organic Materials Review Institute.
Dow AgroSciences Ltd
BioGro No: 4560
PO Box 4174
Manawatu Mail Centre
Palmerston North
Phone: 06 356 5041
Fax: 06 356 5040
Email: bmharris@dow.com
Contact: Bernard Harris

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