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Eco-Logic Concepts Ltd

Address: 1494 Old Coach Rd TePuke

1494 Old Coach Road
RD 6
Te Puke

Eco-Logic Concepts are proud providors of BioGro Certified Organic Biological products, including our Eco-seaweed Extract, Eco-Humic Fulvic acid, Eco-Vermi liquid and vermicast, Eco-Compost tea, as well as being a primary producer and propagator of tamarillos, kiwifruit and hydrangeas and other nursery seedlings.  Grower and producer of various produce such as table grapes, feijoas, tamarillos, avocados, limes and finger limes. Biodynamic and organic consultantancy specialising in soils and contract growing, as well as sustainability right down to the protozoa and nematodes.  Glamping accommodation also available on site.

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