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True Health Ltd

Phone: 0800878343

True Health Ltd
BioGro No: 5332
PO Box 388, Matamata
Phone: 0800 878 343
Fax: 07 888 4869
Contact: Phyllis Tichinin

The gestation phase for Dr Dettloffs animal remedies is overal I have gone through ACVM, a trial on three dairies and BioGro approval. The 14 products are now ready for use on organic farms. The feedback has been very good  the products work. As is the case with plant compounds with label approval from ACVM, we are restrained from claiming that the herbal remedies treat any specific disease or any animal condition characterised by pain and the label states that they are to be used as oral or topical applications only.

I have accessed a fresh concentrated aloe juice from Australia that BioGro has been happy to certify. Dr Dettloff uses aloe extensively in his recommendations to the Organic Valley Cooperative farmers for immune boost, fighting infection, soothing the digestive track and any form of tissue healing. Aloe is a major component of the Super Wound Spray. I chose the Aloe Australia fresh concentrate because the chemical analysis for it came out better for bio active chemicals like acemannan, than the 20 or 100:1 dried powder from China or India. It is pure aloe with the addition of Vit C powder and rosehip tincture as directed by Dr Paul. An important basic health product to get into dairies.

There are 14 products in this initial tier 30 in total have been certified by BioGro and will be brought on line later. I am trying to keep it simple to start with until farmers get used to the various remedies, their uses and effectiveness.

The products that received rave reviews from dairies were the CEG Tincture (a powerful antibiotic), Utter Relief (for acutely swollen udders) and First Step Tincture with Fresh Cow Boluses for uterine cleansing. The feedback has been that they are easy to use and as effective as antibiotics with quick, visible results. Calf Start as a liquid addition to calves milk was scored highly as keeping calves robust and without scours.

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