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Superior Minerals Ltd

Contact: Tania Nicholson
Address: PO Box 337 Mosgiel
Phone: 0800 68 59 58

Superior Minerals Ltd
#796 AsureQuality Org Std V4 (IFOAM) - Allowed&Restricted
IFOAM/ MAF Official Organic Assurance Programme Technical
Rules for Organic Production & USDA NOP

BioGro No: 5288
Mill Park Estate,
Factory Road, Mosgiel
Phone: 0800 68 59 58
Fax: 03 484 7725
Email: info@superior.net.nz
Contact: Tania Nicholson
AsureQuality certification on;
Allowed and Restricted Inputs – Crop Fertilisers and Soil Amendments

- Lime, Dunite.


- Humates, Durasul, RPR, Sulphate of Potash, Compost, Copper Sulphate,

Manganese Suphate, Cobalt Suphate* (*Prohibited) Blends including
salt and/or Organic Selenium Chip Red - for Livestock Health.


- Organic Selenium Chip Red

- Sodium Chloride - Salt

*Cobalt Sulphate not to be used on land certified in accorance with National Standard of
Canada Organic Production Principles and Management Standards CAN/CGSB-

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