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Citrox NZ Ltd.

Address: 118 Carbine Rd, Mt Wellington. Auckland 1060
Phone: +64 9 281 3002
Mobile: +64 21 579 716
Website: www.citrox.co.nz

After years of research and development we have established ourselves as leading producers of a range of totally naturally derived, environmentally friendly and in some cases organic compliant products.


Citrox technology incorporates a truly holistic approach designed to improve cleaning and sanitising operations in a wide diversity of applications such as farming, animal health, produce decontamination, water treatment, human medical and personal care.


We have produced this website with the aim of giving you a broad range of information on our products and application areas.

So whether you want to be a customer, want to work with us or just want to know more about us we hope you enjoy your visit!

Yes our products are certified inputs for organics

-          BioKlenz

-          PWT

-          BioAlexin


Sam Piper I General Manager

Citrox (NZ) Ltdwww.citrox.co.nz

118 Carbine Rd, Mt Wellington. Auckland 1060

P.O. Box 132254 Sylvia Park. Auckland 1644, New Zealand

Tel: +64 21 579 716 I Fax: +64 9 570 5065 I DDI: +64 9 281 3002

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