OrganicAg Northland Pastoral Extension Group.

Date: 18 March 2021

The OrganicAg Extension Group days deal with on farm issues relating to biological farm production. The groups discuss and question various aspects of the host farm operation. Sharing of experince and knowledge in a practical way is the aim.

Whether this is soil nutrient or animal health, crop choice and management, pasture choice and management or any other aspect of biological farming----it will be covered.

Any issue that affects the inside the gate aspect of the farming enterprise.

The topic choice of the day is driven by each group.

The days normally deal with questions pertaining to certified organic production. This is the place we cash in on what takes place in the gate--the out of gate/ high value return. It is also the easiest place to lose a market opportunity.

The OrganicAg extension group is a membership based group. Members are welcome to attend any OrganicAg day anywhere in the country. That could be over 50 days during the year!!

The OrganicAg PEG library has over 300 titles (books, videos, c/d, dvd) and is used consantly by members at no charge.

Membership involves the investment of $1500+gst p.a.--your first day is free to allow you an opportunity to evaluate the potential return to your business.

Days are 10am until 2.30pm. Contact us if you wish to attend.

description: Facilitated farmer to farmer group.
region: Northland