DairyNZ Organic Discussion Group

Date: 27 June 2019






The June group is being held on Nick and Jo Collins organic farm at Piopio, King Country. Nick and Jo milk around 240 cows and have been organic certified for 12 years. They have been using diverse pastures over that period and have a great knowledge of what species do and don't work well on different soil types. They have also carried out a significant tree planting programme to cater for stock shelter, shade, stock fodder, biodiversity and nutrient/mineral recycling.

Also up for discussion and thinking ahead to plan for summer are options to maintain feed levels through summer dry periods: What are other organic farmers doing? Crops; diverse pasture species; fodder trees; silage; imported feeds; reducing pasture evapotranspiration through tree shade. Come along and join in the discussion while the cows are dry


region: Waikato PioPio